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Cachaça Thoquino Vieillie

40% Alc. Vol 700 ml
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- Cachaça THOQUINO has been produced for more than a century by the « Thomaz de Aquino » family, in Sao da Barra, North of Rio de Janeiro. « Thomaz de Aquino » company is one among the few distilleries to possess its own sugar cane plantations.

- Cachaça THOQUINO is an « Aguardente de cana », 100% pure sugar cane.

- It is the result of the fermentation and distillation of the fresh sugar cane juice. Then, it matures during 2 years in Jetiquibà casks (special Brazilian wood)

- This ageing process gives Cachaça Thoquino “Dois Anos”

- an aromatic taste with a fruity and wooded note.

Drinking suggestions
Pure chilled or on crushed ice, in long drinks or in cocktails .

Cocktail recipes

Short drink
4cl Cachaça Thoquino Dois Anos
2cl Vanille de Madagascar Giffard Premium Liqueur
1cl fresh lemon juice + 1 dash rose syrup

4/10 Cachaça THOQUINO Dois Anos
4/10 Pineapple juice
2/10 Lime juice
Top up with 1 dash of GIFFARD strawberry syrup