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CACHACA Thoquino

40% Alc. Vol 700 ml - 1000 ml
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- What is Cachaça?
It is a sugar cane spirit exclusively produced in Brazil. It appeared in the 15th cent. when Portugueses came with alambics to distill sugar canes, it is since that time the national spirit in Brazil.

- Cachaça Thoquino has been produced for more than a century by « Thomaz de Aquino » family
(in sao da Barra, in the Campos area, north of Rio de Janeiro.) Thomas de Aquino company is among the few distilleries to possess its own sugar cane plantations. They control the manufacturing process and guarantees regularity as far as the Quality of the product is concerned.

- Cachaça Thoquino is an « Auardente de Cana » - made exclusively from fresh sugar cane juice. 100 % pure sugar cane.

Drinking suggestions
Pure chilled or on crushed ice, in long drinks or in cocktails .

Cocktail recipes

Caïpirinha: the traditional cocktail from Brazil
Put in a glass some dices of lime and 2 teaspoons powder sugar. Crush the whole with a muddler to extract the juise. Add some ice cubes and pour with Cachaça Thoquino.

Batida: simply ad to a fresh fruit juice (pinapple, passion fruit, coconut …) 1 shot of Cachaça Thoquino and ice cubes.