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Cherry Brandy

25% Alc. Vol 700 ml
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$ 45.00

Liqueur made with the slow maceration of two varieties of cherries (one sweet and one bitter)

- Colour: dark red with nice tile shades.
- Aroma: very fruity, a high note of ripe cherries.
- Tasting notes: very nice, fresh and fruity palate.

Drinking suggestions
Neat on the rocks and in cocktails.

Nice combination

- Banana - Chocolate
- Hazelnut - Vanilla
- Coffee - Walnut
- Orgeat - Cinnamon
- Peach  

Cocktail recipes

Red fruit:
20 ml Cherry Brandy, 20 ml Gin , 10 ml lemon juice, 80 ml tonic water

20 ml Cherry Brandy, 20 ml Gin, 80 ml pineapple juice