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CASSIS Noir de Bourgogne

20% Alc. Vol 700 ml
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Exclusively made from the slow maceration of « Noir de Bourgogne » blackcurrants harvested in Anjou/Loire Valley (this variety is particularly fitted to a maceration process)

- Colour: dark and purplish blue.
- Nose: enchanting nose, revealing the ripe fruit with a touch of leaves and cassis buds.
- Taste: rich in taste. Sweet but not syrupy, giving powerful fruit flavours. A perfectly balanced composition. The sweetness fades on ice, reinforcing the cassis berry aromas and vegetal touches.

Drinking suggestions
Neat on the rocks, in cocktails or topped with sparkling wine or Champagne.

Integrated Farming blackcurrants
Exclusively made with the« Noir de Bourgogne » (the most aromatic blackcurrants) variety coming from the RibesNigrum Blackcurrant bushes (small, fleshy and very aromatic fruits).
These blackcurrants are issued from the « Integrated Farming » Giffard works with producers involved in the environmental care, the fruits travel less than 80km to arrive to Giffard.

Cocktail recipes

10 ml lemon juice, 10 ml Cassis Noir de Bourgogne, 20 ml GiffardAbricot du Roussillon, 30 ml Gin.

Royal kir:
¼ Cassis noir de Bourgogne, 4/5 Champagne.