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Blueberry Liqueur

16 % Alc. Vol 700 ml
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$ 45.00

Natural fruit liqueur made from the maceration of blueberries.

- Colour: deep colour with garnet glints.
- Nose: strong aroma of blueberry with slightly spicy notes.
- Taste: very aromatic, smooth at first, then comes the strong flavour of ripe blueberry juice.

Drinking suggestions
Neat on the rocks, for the aperitif (with white or sparklingwine) or in cocktails.

Cocktail recipes

For the aperitif:
1/5 Blueberry Liqueur, 4/5 white wine, Champagne or Cremant.

Orient :

20 ml Blueberry Liqueur, 20 ml vodka Tovaritch, 40 ml Champagne.

In dessert :

as topping on apple or pear sorbet or withvanilla or nougat icecream.