Bigallet : GENEPI Grand Tetras Destination Beverage

GENEPI Grand Tetras

40% ABV - 70cl
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Genepi is obtainedfrom an infusion and a distillation of Genepi ArtemisiaMutellinasprigs.

- This spirit is light in sugar and very appreciated by connoisseurs looking for rich aromatic intensity and wild flavours.
- The Genepi Grand Tetrasoffers a very aromatic and herbal palate, bitterness is sweetened by fine anised and lemon notes to finish with a slightlypeppery note.

Genepi is a wild plant growing in the Alps, above 2000 meters.
Génépi belongs to the same plant family as the Absinth.
For connoisseurssearching for wild and intense flavors.

Itsnatural colouring, whichis sensitive to light, canlead to a slight depot in the bottle.

Drinking suggestions
- As a digestif pure chilled or on ice
- In cocktails

Alpin Sour

Created by Fernando Castellon, Bar Expertise
40 ml Bigallet Génépi
15 ml fresh lime juice
15 ml Giffard Bergamot/Earl greytea syrup Mintleaf
Glass : martini glass - Method : shaker