Bigallet : Bigallet Viriana China China Liqueur 70cL Destination Beverage

Bigallet Viriana China China Liqueur 70cL

40% ABV - 50cl
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This liqueur produced by Bigallet since 1875 is made from sweet and sour orange peels (which have macerated and have been distilled in alambics) as well as a blend of 4 plants, seeds and spices (among them quinine and gentian giving the bitterness, and caramel sweetening the liqueur and bringing the black colour) .

- A bouquet of aromatic and spicy plants gives this liqueur a unique character
Pure sugar caramel brings a beautiful colour to this liqueur to stick to its original history . - A truly unique tasting profile - Digestive properties

Drinking suggestions
- As a digestif pure chilled or on ice with an orange zest
- As coating on ice
- In Cocktail
- To flavour Champagne

The Hermitage Cocktail
2nd Prize, UKBG 2012 competition
Cocktail created by Lee Hyde from Brasserie Zedel , London

50ml Vodka
15ml China China
15ml Lillet Blanc
3 dashes peychauds bitters
Stir, strain into cocktail glass.
Lemon twist.