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Bigallet Thyme Liqueur

35% vol - 35cl
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$ 60.00

Thymeis an aromatic plant whichbrings a verysubltearoma and a flavourthatrecalls sun and French Provence .

- This liqueur is the result of a slow maceration and distillationof thyme sprigs into alcohol.
- Thyme is very famous since antiquity for its stimulating and beneficial properties

Drinking suggestions
- As a digestif pur chilled or on ice
- In herbal tea with warm water
- As coating on ice

Drinking suggestions
- As a digestif pure chilled or on ice
- In cocktails

To flavour a cocktail:

Cocktail created by Danny Fleischer- (german bartender)
3 cl Bigallet Thyme Liqueur
10 cl Tonic
4 ice cubes

Botanical Explosion
1.5 cl Menthe Pastille 4.5 cl Bigallet Thyme liqueur
2.5 cl Gin
2 cl fresh lemon juice
Some lavander sprigs