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BANANE du Brésil

25% Alc. Vol 700 ml
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$ 60.00

This Premium Liqueur is made from banana puree infusions (to optimize contact with alcohol and extract the best aromas) and banana alcoholate obtained through the slow distillation of the best bananas.

- Colour: canary yellow with golden shades.
- Nose: a heady tropical nose laden with strong flavours of ripe and dried bananas.
- Taste: sweet, butter fried banana blazed with an oak-aged alcohol (rum or Cognac).

Drinking suggestions
Neat on the rocks and in cocktails.

Cocktail recipes

Short drink :
Blazed Banana:
40 ml Banane du Brésil , 20 ml Grand Marnier , 10 ml Armagnac. To serve flambé.

Long drink:
20 ml Banane du Brésil l, 40 ml CachaçaThoquino, 30 ml orange juice, 30 ml pineapple juice, a dash of Giffard Grenadine syrup.

10 ml Banane du Brésil, 40 ml Cognac, 100 ml lemon lime soda, 2 lime wedges