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ABRICOT du Roussillon

25% Alc. Vol 700ml
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The Abricot Premium Liqueur is made with apricot infusion (obtained after « Roussillon apricots » have macerated into alcohol), apricot distillate and apricot juice.

- Colour: golden yellow liqueur with fine orange shades
- Nose: the bouquet is revealed in stages: the sweetness of very ripe apricot at first, then a slight vegetal touch, to finish with sweet spices (vanilla and caramel).
- Taste: The taste is very sweet at first , reminding of one caramelized apricot compote.

The « Rouge du Roussillon » apricot variety comes from the Prunusarmeniaca apricot tree. Orange coloured with a juicy flesh and a sweet flavour. This is a very aromatic fruit. Persians used to name it « the sun egg ».

Drinking suggestions
Pure on the rocks or in cocktails.

Cocktail recipes

Bénédictine Abricot:
50 ml Abricot du Roussillon,
1 dash Bénédictine, 2 orange zests.

Roussillon Bubble:
1 lump sugar, 3 dashes Thomas Jerry Bitter,
5 ml Gin, 10 ml Abricot du Roussillon, 100 ml Champagne.

Apricot Julep:
8 mint leaves ,
20 ml Abricot du Roussillon,
30 ml VSOP Cognac .